Our Tariffs

Please note that this schedule is meant to be used solely as a guide to your anaesthetic fee.

If you have been provided with two or more procedure codes we suggest you contact our office for a more detailed quote.

BPA is a group of professional independent practitioners who reserve the right to set our own tariff, which we feel is both fair and reasonable for the service we provide.

There are a number of Insurance Providers who not only have their own fee schedules but the benefits associated with the policies they offer can vary from one individual to another.  We therefore strongly advise that you obtain an anaesthetic quote prior to any surgery to clarify whether the cost of your anaesthetic will be covered in full.  If your insurer does not settle your anaesthetic account in full, liability for the shortfall would lie with the patient.

To obtain a quote, please enter the procedure code(s) provided by your surgeon or their secretary in the box below.  Please note that all quotes are estimates and may be subject to change dependent on the surgery and the anaesthetic performed.

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